Breaking Benjamin Will Host the Next Adventure Quest 3D Battle Concert

Adventure Quest 3D is gearing up to release its next Battle Concert, which is set to feature Breaking Benjamin.

The Battle Concerts are pretty much what they say on the tin. You and a bunch of other players battle monsters while listening to music by a real band, who are playing “live” on stage in front of you.

Adventure Quest 3D’s Battle Concerts Let You Fight and Listen to Music at the Same Time

Previous Battle Concerts featured Korn and Alice in Chains, and provided a wide variety of exclusive rewards to all players brave enough to get involved.

The Breaking Benjamin concert will apparently be the darkest yet, with players teleporting to a new dimension to experience it. It will feature parkour, portals, titan fights, and more.

Of course, you can just watch if you’re not feeling in the mood to run around like a crazy person. Either way, the concert kicks off on February 18 and will last for two weeks.

You can grab Adventure Quest 3D right now on Google Play if you’re interested. It recently received a huge quality of life patch and a brand new Berserker class, so now’s a great time to get started.

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