Vampire Survivors-like Brotato is Now Free on Android

Brotato character standing beneath the logo.

Brotato, arguably the most successful Vampire Survivors-like, is now free on Android. The premium version still exists, of course, but you can now try it for nothing and unlock the entire game by purchasing the VIP pass.

It’s a total in-your-face to Apple users, too. Take a little visit to the App Store, and you can only pre-register for the free version, which apparently launches in September.

What’s Brotato?

Never heard of it? Brotato is a top-down arena roguelike that sees you battling hordes of aliens as a potato. There are over 30 characters to collect, each of which play differently from the others. Find out who’s best by checking out our Brotato character tier list.

As you battle, you can purchase and upgrade weapons, making the killing all the easier. There are also items, which provide you with many benefits (and downsides!) so creating a strong build is paramount. Our Brotato weapons tier list can help with that, shameless self-promotion notwithstanding.

Each game takes around 30 minutes maximum – providing you can survive that long – so it’s perfect for a quick session when you’re travelling or not particularly busy. It also rewards replayability. Unlocking a new potato to play as is all part of the fun.

Where Can I Get It?

If you like the sound of it, you can grab Brotato for free on Google Play. The premium version remains on Google Play for those that just want the whole experience unlocked from the get go.

Or, if you’re not interested at all, we recommend checking out Undergrave. It’s also a roguelike, and an indie one at that. It trades the fast-paced action for more thoughtful, methodical gameplay.

If action RPGs are more your thing, check out the news that Dungeon Hunter is making a return to mobile this year with a brand new entry. Exciting times.

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