Brown Dust 2’s Servers Are Struggling

Feature image for our news piece on the Brown Dust 2 release. It shows a female character with a while cloak and armor of two limbs.

The Brown Dust 2 release kicked off today, with the gacha RPG sequel hitting Google Play.

The launch hasn’t been without its problems, though. Shortly after the release time passed, players were reporting issues with logging into the game, and at 3:25am UTC, around an hour-and-a-half, after the servers opened, developer Neowiz shut them down again for maintenance in an attempt to fix the issues.

Another Shutdown On The Way

The servers returned and 5:20am UTC. This seems to be only a temporary fix though, as the official Twitter has announced another maintenance shutdown between 5pm and 7pm UTC, to improve the server stability and fix a progression bug.

To make up for the inconvenience caused by the server issues, you can claim a compensation prize of ten free draw tickets from your mailbox if you access the game between now and Sunday, so that should ease the pain a little.

Brown Dust 2 is a tactical RPG sequel, though you don’t need to play the first game to get to grips with it. In fact, there were major changes between the first game and the second.

Most notably, there’s a big change in the presentation. While the first did the usual low-budget gacha game schtick of battles interspersed with static characters in conversation, Brown Dust 2 looks far more like a full RPG experience.

It’s So Pretty!

The sequel gets beautiful isometric maps with wandering enemies, cut scenes with character sprites, and towns with NPCs to wander around in.

Your equipped party will even follow you around in a line like a bunch of ducklings. It’s all very cute.

The battles progress through turn-based move selection, interspersed with animated snippets of the characters. These are less final fantasy and more final fanservice, but it’s a gacha game so we weren’t exactly taken by surprise.

If this all sounds like something you enjoy, you can get in on the Brown Dust 2 release now via Google Play.

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