Tactical RPG Brown Dust 2 Out June 22 As Pre-Registration Hits 2 Million

Feature image for our Brown Dust 2 news piece. It shows four characters stood on a background of white clouds. Two are female, two are male, and each have different weapons.

The tactical RPG sequel Brown Dust 2 looks set to hit Google Play on the 22nd of June, and it looks like it might be a big one. According to the game’s official Facebook page, the pre-registration campaign has attracted over two million interested players since its May 10th start, with a few days still to go.

Rewards For All

The motivations behind pre-registering are no mystery. The more people who sign up, the greater the rewards for the player base will be at launch. In fact, the two million milestone landed prospective players two draw tickets, two four-star contracts, and one five-star contract. That’s on top of the previous markers.

Of course, rewards are nothing to shout about if you can’t stand the game in question, so what’s Brown Dust 2 all about?

Brown Dust 2 is, unsurprisingly, the sequel to Brown Dust, though you don’t need to be deeply involved in the first to pick it up.

Fighting, Fantasy, Fanservice

If you did spend a lot of time with the first game though, you might notice some pretty big changes in the presentation. The visuals got a drastic overhaul, with some genuinely super pretty-looking environments in a handpainted isometric style.

The game boasts both portrait and landscape modes, which is pretty convenient.

Outside of the nice hand-drawn maps, the combat appears to take place on a grid. You place characters on squares on the grid, and this impacts what attacks they can land, as well as what attacks they’re susceptible to.

Attacks by the chibi-like on-map sprites are often accompanied by little snippets of animation showing a larger version of the character. Expect utterly shameless fanservice to factor in.

If the idea of Brown Dust 2 floats your boat, you can check it out now on Google Play.

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