Brown Dust – Children of Darkness Update out Now

Everyone’s favourite tactical RPG Brown Dust has recently released a new update, Children of Darkness.

This new update introduces three new costumes, three new characters and a whole heap of things to do.

What’s new in the Children of Darkness Update?

The point of an update is to bring new content or characters to players. The Children of Darkness Update brought us three new characters.

  • Ludia is a five-star AGI based Defender who for the first 50 turns takes 60% less damage and has a 50% AGI boost.
  • Naius is a four-star Magician who heals 10% every turn and has a high AGI and crit rate.
  • Eindolin is a five-star Supporter who combos most effectively with Mamonir.

If you want to find out more about the Children of Darkness Update, then download Brown Dust from the Google Play store.

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