Browser-based realtime multiplayer tower offense game coming to Android

You probably just read the title and thought to yourself that this must be a typo and that we meant to say tower defense but we actually mean tower offense. Ironically called Age of Defenders, this browser-based multiplayer game is a tower offense game and it’s gearing up for release on Android.

Age of Defenders is breaking the mold of the stereotypical tower defense game by bringing it to a more offensive level. While you do have a base you need to defend from waves of enemies just as you would in any tower defense game. The difference is though that your opponent is actually another player and the goal in Age of Defenders isn’t to just survive the waves of enemies but to attack your opponent and conquer their base.


This means you will also have offensive units as well and not just towers used to defend your own base which is where the tower offense part comes in. Essentially this is a real-time strategy game similar in nature to ones you would play on your PC such as Star Craft but with a more robotic theme to it and obviously a lot bigger selection of towers. Offensive units can be both ground and air so you will have to also have defenses in place to handle those.

Just like in tower defense games but applied to all your units, you can upgrade them through skill points earned throughout each battle. More become unlocked the higher up you progress into your upgrades.

Age of Defenders is currently free to play on your PC or laptop through your browser but the developers have said they will be bringing the game to various mobile platforms soon including Android. The best part about it all is that multiplayer will be online and cross-platform compatible so you will be playing with other players on other platforms, even in browsers. No word just yet on exactly when we will see it land on Android. Until then though we get to enjoy this preview video of the game above.

Developer Website: Age of Defenders

Website Referenced: DIYGamer

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