BTS World challenges you to manage the hit K-Pop band and it’s up for pre-registration now

BTS World Android

Netmarble has just announced its next game BTS World, which challenges you to manage the hugely popular K-Pop band BTS.

The South Korean band itself had a hand in the creation of the game too, which plays more like an interactive story.

BTS World features thousands of new photos and hundreds of new videos featuring the band

Fans of the band will get a real kick out of this, which features 10,000 brand new photos of the band and 100 video clips.

You’ll interact with the band virtually, and if you want to know which member you’re closest to, you can play a minigame on the official site.

It asks you a bunch of questions and matches you with the band member that you’re the most like.

You can pre-register for BTS World right now on the official site. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about the release date.

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