Foursaken Is Back With Bug Heroes: Tower Defense

Feature image for our Bug Heroes: Tower Defense news. It shows a bug character running round an arena in third person.

Foursaken, the creators of Adventure Company, the Block Fortress, and the completely truthfully-named War Tortoise 2, are set to bring a new game to Google Play, packed with their distinctive and detailed style of visuals. Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is a brutal war taking place in an ordinary neighborhood… just on a very small scale.

It’s up to you, your troops, and your choice of ten potential Bug Heroes, to fend off waves of attackers and lay claim to your tine patch of house or garden.

Not Just A Tower Defense

The game isn’t simply a tower defense in the classic sense, though you can play it that way if you want. There’s nothing stopping you playing the whole thing in the traditional way. However, there’s also the option to get your hands dirty in the trenches. You can take direct control of one of the Bug Heroes and wade into the fight.

Each of the heroes requires a different style of play to match their strengths. There’s a sneaky Spider Assassin who requires a bit of subtlety, or a worm demolitions expert who requires… well pretty much the opposite.

Lots Of Variety

This comes with a more RPG-like mode of progression, with levels, equipment, and the chance to upgrade your gear. All this while making sure the other members of your army are pulling their weight and stopping the large variety of enemies from breaching and causing you a world of hurt.

The game is single-player, with a large story campaign that lets you explore the neighborhood.. This is bigger than you think when you’re the size of an insect.

Does this sound like your sort of thing? You can find the Bug Heroes: Tower Defense early access on Google Play. The full version of the game launches on November 30th.

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