Build and manage your own colony from scratch in MineColony, now available from Google Play

For those who enjoy games with a pixelated look, and Minecraft or Terraria in particular, MineColony is a new game on Android should be able to scratch that itch. Released by Tomasz Umbras, this game is one where players set out to build a colony in a world that’s procedurally generated.

The game was inspired by a mod for Minecraft, only it plays in a strictly 2D fashion like Terraria. In overseeing the the growth of the colony, with players being in charge of a variety of jobs that include lumberjack, to miner, builder, and more. Currently, the game uses tapping to direct where players would like their character to move, though the developer did mention that he’s contemplating the addition of a virtual directional pad.

Tap and hold on any resource will cause the player to begin harvesting it, though using the appropriate tool does speed the process along. All of the resources can then be used to craft things like the aforementioned tools, along with fire, ladders, and weapons. Future updates are slated to include more, along with dynamic water, new monsters, and the like.

MineColony is available from Google Play for free, and it includes advertisements in the upper corner but no IAPs.

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