BulkyPix to bring their hit iOS game Aby Escape to Android on July 26th

BulkyPix has been steadily releasing games onto Google Play for awhile now and their next title that will be heading our way tomorrow is Aby Escape. This particular game has been quite a success for BulkyPix on iOS and now we will finally get our hands on it as well.

Unfortunately for Aby, he isn’t the most agile or lucky raccoon on the planet. Actually he is the exact opposite of that, being very unlucky and incredibly clumsy. The poor raccoon never gets a break from running whether it is from hunters, the town police or from a variety of other people he has managed to anger one way or another. You will have to help Aby avoid all of these people by guiding him as he runs for his life while making sure not to steer him into many of the obstacles in his path such as trees, elephants or even a random football player here and there.

Aby Escape Features:

–  50 challenges to take on in the free Unlimited mode
–  30 levels in Story mode
–  Lots of enemies to shake off or avoid (hunters, policemen, bikers, footballers, elephants, etc.)
–  Lots of power-ups available (Ghost, Magnet, Extra life, Shield, etc.)
–  Objects to unlock (characters, shoes, etc.)

As you may be guessing, this is a continuous running game, a genre which seems to still be growing in popularity judging by all the games being released in this style. Visually, Aby Escape is actually rendered with some rather nice 3D visuals and the game actually seems fast, something that is rare in a lot of these games. Even though this is a continuous running game, it comes with a game mode that most games like this leave out and that is an actual story mode with levels.

If you are looking for a new continuous running game to try out, you might want to give this one a try when it lands on the Google Play store tomorrow. Until then you can watch the rather odd trailer for Aby Escape in the video above. It does contain in-game footage so don’t let the people dressed up as the village people fool you.

Developer Website: BulkyPix

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