Bulkypix will be releasing Felllice onto Android on October 23rd

Tomorrow Bulkypix will be releasing a new game called Felllice onto Android. Developed by Klickaffen, Felllice is a minimalistic art styled game where players will be treated to an interactive interpretation of a cell’s life as envisioned by its creators. Basically you will be playing as a cell that needs to grow and survive.

In order to grow, survive and generally become a more advanced cell, players will have to guide their cell into eating other cells. You will keep doing this until you reach each level’s objectives. How this is does is simple enough. You will have to keep your cell moving, eating smaller cells, and avoiding the larger cells. If you try to eat a larger cell, you yourself will be eaten. While this sounds simple enough, actually pulling it off is a whole different thing.

Felllice Features:

– Black and white flat design
– 25 arena opponents and 5 different sound designs
– Relaxing and ambient game
– Minimalist, yet challenging gameplay

There are different ways offered to succeed and various patterns with cell behaviors that you will need to learn. There also happens to be two different game modes (normal and arena modes), each with different mechanics and patterns for the cells around you.

Felllice will be invading Android on October 23rd, 2014 and will be priced at $1.99. Until it arrives though, you can check out the game in action in the trailer below.

Publisher Website: Bulkypix

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