Assist Alien Pals To Make A Sustainable Haven In Bumi: Next Stop, Earth!

Bumi: Next Stop, Earth!

Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! is a new game by Blamorama Games that dropped right on Earth Day. It’s a game but it’s also about getting eco-conscious and giving a little love to our planet. This is the first game by Blamorama Games. Apparently, the devs have plans for more games, comics and even films in the pipeline.

It’s About Spreading Environmental Awareness

Get ready to learn about environmental issues while having a blast with Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! You’ll be managing a city, going green and even facing off against a big bad boss. In the game, you’ll be saving the world, and you’ll be doing it as an alien refugee.

So, this is how it goes. It narrates the story of a once vibrant alien planet now on the brink of ruin due to some shady character promising riches. With their home in shambles, the aliens flee the environmentally wrecked home planet and land on Earth a.k.a. Bumi.

But they carry with them the key to salvation, which is a magical sapling that could bring life back to their world. Now it’s up to you to roll up your sleeves and get to work rebuilding and cleaning up the planet. From surfing through trash-filled oceans to planting trees and sorting out recycling, you have your hands full with all sorts of ‘Green Activities’. And get ready for thrilling boss battles against adversaries.

Sometimes, games with a message can fall short on the gameplay front, but from the looks of it, Bumi: Next Stop, Earth! might just break that mold. Go on, take a look at the trailer and see for yourself!

Bumi: Next Stop, Earth!

Bumi is a story where you’ll find a tale of hope and renewal. Cue the journey to Earth and the start of an epic adventure. Check the game out from the Google Play Store. You can also follow them on their official X (Twitter) account for the latest updates and events.

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