Bungie’s co-founder comes together with impressive team for new mobile game development studio Industrial Toys

A new mobile game development studio is starting up and considering who is already on board on the staff, this is looking to shape up to be a bit of a ‘dream team’. The studio, called Industrial Toys, includes Bungie’s co-founder Alex Seropian and ex-DreamWorks R&D manager Brent Pease.

Most people already know the company DreamWorks and most people should know who Bungie is but if you for some reason don’t, Bungie is the studio that created the Halo series of games. While these two big name people are part of the Industrial Toys team, that certainly isn’t the end of the list.

As Industrial Toys president Tim Harris states, they also have “some kickass art talent from ex-Marvel and DC” people. While Industrial Toys haven’t fully commited to what platforms they will be releasing title on, judging by the questions and answers on their Twitter account, it looks like Android and iOS are a go and even possibly Windows Mobile as well. What we do know for sure is that Industrial Toys will be strictly mobile games.

If this doesn’t have you salivating over the potential the games this team will pump out into our mobile gaming world just yet, their mission statement on their Facebook page should do the trick:

We’ll be mobile to the core, with games that let you have an immersive session at home that blows your mind apart as well as a 30-second experience that still moves you forward while you’re waiting for the bus. We’re going deep on story and community and all that crunchy goodness that we like to geek out on.

No projects have been officially announced just yet but you can keep tabs on everything through their Facebook and Twitter accounts. One request we have for Industrial Toys: Make some bad ass games please that are not freemium.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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