Bunny Mania

If you’ve done any sort of gaming in the past 15 or so years then you’ve probably played a game called Lemmings at least once. So far there hasn’t been a Lemmings style game for Android until now, meet Bunny Mania by Crispy Software Development. Bunny Mania is just like the Lemmings game of old but with cute little bunnies!

Back in the day Lemmings was a great puzzle game where you had to save as many Lemmings as you can before they drop off the land and plummet to their death which they just love to do. You had different types of Lemmings to help you out though including ones that form ladders, bridgets, ones that dig and others that blow things up, to name a few.

Bunny Mania is exactly like that where you have all your bunnies eager to get to their little stone house but on their way there encounter obstacles and cliffs to fall off. Using various types of bunnies, you need to save to make a certain percentage make it home safely. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made though.

The graphics in this game are alright, nothing spectacular but really you aren’t going to be playing this type of game for the eye candy. Thankfully the developer included a fast forward button as well otherwise this game would be terribly slow waiting for each bunny to get home.

Lite Version Features:

– Fast Forward Button

– Control of 50 bunnies

– 12 levels

Full Version Features:

– 5 Worlds with all maps (28 in total)

– Control of 50 Bunnies.

– Downloadable custom maps to the SD Card

– Ability to create basic maps from images and share them in the map gallery or send it to your friends

– Turn off Ads

If you even remotely liked Lemmings then you’ll probably enjoy this game as well. Lemmings was the ultimate time killer and it was fun to play at the same time, albeit frustrating in some places. You can pick up the Lite version for free off the Android market or buy the full version.

Developer Website: Crispy Software Development

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