Bury me, my Love is on Sale for a Limited Time

Bury me, my Love is the emotive story of a Syrian refugee trying to make her way into Europe. If you can’t handle artistic, emotive mobile games with a deeper meaning beyond entertaining the user, then you should skip this one.

Bury me, my Love – A Modern Day Story of Hardship and Sacrifice

After leaving her husband and family behind in war-torn Syria, Nour must make her way into Europe safely. The only way she can keep in contact with her husband is through an instant messaging app, so it’s up to you to guide Noir to a better future.

Bury me, my love is a Syrian phrase meaning the opposite of what it sounds like. It means don’t think about dying before I do. You play as Majd and you have to make choices for your partner and try to guide her to Europe. Each choice you make impacts the story and there are 19 endings with very different outcomes.

If you are looking for an emotive, reality inspired mobile game, then you can grab a copy from the Google Play Store.

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