Old School PC MMORPG Cabal Online is Getting a Mobile Port Later This Year

Cabal Mobile characters wearing cosmetic outfits.

If you played PC MMORPGs back in the 00s, you may well remember the action-packed Cabal Online. It played a bit like Diablo on steroids, with incredibly flashy skill effects and hordes of enemies.

Well, the series is set to make a comeback later this year, when the awfully-titled Cabal: Return of Action launches on mobile. Seriously, did an AI come up with that title?

What’s Cabal: Return of Action?

Actually, I’m just going to call it Cabal Mobile. Cabal Mobile is a “reworked port” of the classic MMORPG that will launch across the globe this year.

You can pre-register right now on the official site to grab it as soon as it lands. Unfortunately, I don’t know when the release date is at this point, but I do know that a beta will take place in August.

When Will the Beta Kick Off?

The beta kicks off on August 3 and runs until 6. It’s not entirely clear how you sign up to it at this point, but we assume that everyone – or at least a select few – who pre-registers will get a chance to play it.

If you plan on doing so, we thoroughly recommend pre-registering. Not only will you get a chance to participate in the beta, but you also get a ton of rewards at launch. These include:

  • Suit of Mystic Blade costume
  • Astral Board Card (30 days)
  • Minesta’s Amber Charm +5 (30 days)
  • Epaulet of Vampire (30 days)
  • Adept Amulet +1 (30 days)
  • Adept Bracelet (30 days) x2
  • Adept Ring +1 (30 days) x2
  • Inexhaustible HP Potion (30 days)
  • Inexhaustible MP Potion (30 days)
  • Return Core (30 days)
  • Odd Circle (x20)
  • Holy Water of Fighter (x20)
  • Holy Water of Sage (x20)
  • Holy Water of Critical Strike (x20)
  • Penetration Potion (x20)
  • Holy Water of Vitality (x20)
  • GM’s Blessing Holy Water (x20)

Naturally, most of those rewards expire after 30 days, but they will make the beginning of your journey a lot easier.

If you’re not interested, check out the best new Android games this week to find something else. We’ve also covered the recent Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade beta kicking off soon.

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