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Cabal: Return of Action is Out Now on Android

Cabal: Return of Action official artwork.

If you played PC MMORPGs back in 2005, you might remember the, at the time, impressively action-packed Cabal Online. I’m showing my age here, but I played it back in the day.

While it was never my favourite free-to-play PC MMORPG (that title goes to FLYFF or Silkroad Online), I did enjoy the novelty of a Diablo-like action RPG that you could play online with your friends.

Naturally, that’s not really a big deal now. Diablo Immortal can even do it right on your phone. Back then though, it was very impressive, and the flashy skill effects were a joy to behold.

The latter very much still is though. Take a glance at the official trailer and seeing the intense skill effects popping off in combat still impresses; particularly for a mobile game.

What’s Cabal: Return of Action?

If you’ve never played Cabal before, it’s an old school MMORPG. As of today, it’s now available on mobile with a few new features that take advantage of the platform.

Some of these are disappointing, like autoplay. This allows you to battle monsters and beat quests without actually needing to play. That begs the question: what’s the point then?

Well, you can use it as a feature to beat the grind and progress to the bits that you do need to play a lot faster. That includes the more challenging content, like PVP and Dungeons, which you may want to take over control for.

The combat is also surprisingly deep, as you can set up your own combos to take down monsters faster. There are eight different classes too, which all play differently. These are your standard Warrior and Wizard, alongside the less typical Force Shielder and Gladiator.

Should I Play It?

You probably know at this point whether you like mobile MMORPGs or not, but I’d argue that, even if you don’t, Cabal: Return of Action is worth checking out. It’s a legitimate port of a classic PC MMORPG, rather than a built-for-mobile affair.

Sure, autoplay is deeply disappointing and needs to vanish in mobile games forever, but it can be a useful tool when you’re too busy to play. Besides, some people hate the grind.

Go ahead and grab it from Google Play right now to check it out. Or, if you fancy playing something else, check out our best new Android games feature.

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