Caligo Chaser Free

Only a few days ago we talked about a new Hack N’ Slash RPG called Caligo Chaser by Com2Us. So far it’s received a large amount of positive feedback and ratings which is good to see. We were confident in that title being a popular one. Com2Us released today a Free version for you to try before you buy the full version.

Even better then the free version is the addition of QWERTY keyboard support so you don’t have to use the D-Pad if you don’t want to. Game Gripper anyone??

If you haven’t checked out Caligo Chaser yet, you should, especially now that it’s available for trying out with the free version. I’m assuming it’s like Zenonia Free where you can play using everything up to a certain point within the game. Expect to see some guides and tips to show up here at Droid Gamers as well!

I’m sure you all know we are going to do a full review of this game so expect to see that soon as well!

Developer Website: Com2Us

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRCaligoFree.png{/rokbox} Free Version

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