Caligo Chaser RPG

A new RPG game landed on the Android market called Caligo Chaser, developed by Com2US, which features a more hack n’ slash style of game play and some really good graphics. The entire game features a huge amount of skill combinations, items, NPCs and much much more and is an great addition to the RPG genre for our Android devices.

The story behind the game is nothing overly unique. You are Zack, a private knight, and you go around solving mysteries and killing monsters that threatening your land, Emporion. If you’ve played a few RPGs in your life then you are probably familiar with this sort of storyline, not that it’s a bad one.


  • Upgradeable Skills – Up to 135 different skill combinations with 7 unique attack skills and 20 passive skills
  • Customizable Character – Your character’s appearance changes as you equip new armor and weapons
  • Missions – You can replay missions to try and beat your previous scores
  • Tons of Items – Over 300 different items to customize your character with
  • Enchanting – You can enchant your items to make them even stronger

This game features two modes, fighting and village mode, with each having different controls. You control your character using the on-screen D-Pad and button and depending on what mode you are in, the buttons have different actions already assigned to them. You also get a nifty little spell quick bar for easier spell casting.

This is a pretty solid RPG title which any fan of the genre will enjoy with it’s large amount of customizable options and great graphics giving this game a lot of replay value. You can grab it off the Android market for $4.99USD and is 19.4MB is size so make sure you have room (if you have an older gen device). This video below is for the iPhone version but you’ll get the idea of how it plays and looks.

Developer Website: Com2Us

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRCaligoChase.png{/rokbox}

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