Call of Duty Mobile gets sliding and quick scoping

Call of Duty Android

Call of Duty Mobile has received a brand new update that introduces sliding and quick scoping to the mix, bringing it closer to its console and PC counterparts.

We learned this from YouTuber Gaming_madness, the ever-reliable source for Call of Duty Mobile updates from China. You can check out their new gameplay video below.

Call of Duty Mobile is an upcoming mobile exclusive entry in the franchise

If you haven’t heard of this yet, Call of Duty Mobile is an upcoming mobile exclusive entry in the franchise. It appears to draw influence from Modern Warfare, featuring a bunch of its maps.

This isn’t a gacha RPG or match three puzzler either – this is the real deal. Check out the gameplay below for a taste of it in action and you’ll see that this is the shooter as you know and love it.

Those living in Australia can check it out right now, where the only English language version currently exists. Check out our article on the soft launch for instructions on how to get it from other countries.

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