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Call of Duty Mobile battle royale flames stoked by images of a boat, truck, bag, and new maps

Call of Duty Android

There have been rumours going around for some time that Call of Duty Mobile will get a battle royale mode, and the flames were stoked further this week.

That’s thanks to a bunch of images that detail new maps, six seater vehicles including a boat and pick up truck, and a bag. While it’s far from conclusive proof, we think it’s close enough.

Call of Duty Mobile will launch soon on Android

Call of Duty Mobile is an upcoming mobile version of the smash hit shooter, which brings together classic maps and weapons from the franchise in a single package.

It’s not available in the west yet, but will launch soon enough. It’s currently under development over at Tencent, who also brought PUBG to mobile.

You can check out the new stuff above in the trailer by YouTuber ‘Gaming-Madness’. The mobile version fo Call of Duty looks nothing short of remarkable.

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