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Call of Duty: Mobile is now up for pre-registration on Android

Call of Duty Android

Call of Duty: Mobile took a step closer to launching this week, by finally opening up pre-registrations on Google Play. You can now sign up to grab the game as soon as it launches.

Not only that, but those who pre-register might receive an invite to take part in early access, which will launch later this year. So if you’re even remotely interested in this game, you’ve got no excuse not to sign up.

Call of Duty: Mobile brings together maps from Black Ops and Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Mobile is an upcoming exclusive entry in the franchise that brings together classic maps from Black Ops and Modern Warfare in a single game.

Not only that, but battle royale and zombie modes will also make an appearance. We’re not sure if the game will launch with these modes, but we’ve seen gameplay footage of them from the Chinese version. We imagine those modes are nearly ready.

It’s basically the shooter franchise as you know and love it. You’ll create and customise your own loadout from a variety of weapons, outfits, scorestreaks, and gear. There are loads of recognisable pieces of equipment from the franchise.

You’ll then battle it out in a variety of different multiplayer modes, from traditional deathmatch to domination. Along the way, you’ll level up and unlock new characters, outfits, weapons, and more.

If you’re interested, head on over to Google Play right now and pre-register for this awesome shooter. We’ll let you know as soon as we learn more about the launch plans.

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