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Call of Duty: Mobile has launched in beta in India, allowing you to play via VPN

Call of Duty Android

Call of Duty: Mobile has entered a beta phase in India, allowing gamers across the globe to play it via VPN.

This is the official mobile version of Call of Duty, developed by Tencent – the folks behind the smash hit PUBG Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile brings together maps from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series

It brings together maps from throughout the franchise’s history, including the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series.

The traditional series multiplayer is here, along with a variety of modes. You’ll also find the usual characters, weapons, outfits, score streaks, and gear to unlock.

Going forward, there are plans to bring the battle royale experience from Black Ops 4 into the mix.

You can grab the beta right now in Google Play, but bear in mind that places are limited and that your progress will be wiped following the beta.

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