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Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Has Launched, With a Brand New Royale Pass

Call of Duty Mobile may have received its Season 3 update last week, but the brand new season has only just kicked off today with a brand new Royale Pass.

The structure has completely changed this time around too, with only six weeks of challenges to complete and 50 tiers of rewards to earn. You’ll still get a crate for every tier past 50 though.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 is Available Now

The theme this time around are genetically modified soldiers that look like Predator. You’ll get the sniper variant of the skin by purchasing the Royale Pass, and can earn another at rank 12.

You’ll also get a brand new skin for the DL Q33, arguably the best sniper rifle in the game, which is good given that Snipers Only has returned as a game mode.

To get started on Season 3, and grab the new rewards, get Call of Duty Mobile from Google Play right now.

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