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Call of Duty Mobile’s Battle Pass Season 2 is Out Now, Featuring Alex Mason and Arctic-themed Cosmetics

Call of Duty Mobile has received the second season of its Battle Pass, and it features Black Ops’ Alex Mason as the new major playable character.

If you purchase the Premium Battle Pass, you’ll get Mason right away, along with an Alaska-themed XPR-50, Knife, and Sticky Grenade.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 2 Will Last 56 Days

Decent rewards then unlock at Tier 10, 25, and 60, at which point you unlock the AK-47 – Glacier, Ruin – Jade, and Arctic. 50 – Glacier.

The top reward for this season is the M4 – CQB Epic weapon, which you unlock at Tier 100. Better get grinding right away then!

One disappointment is that it seems you don’t quite get enough COD Points from getting to Tier 100 to get the next Battle Pass for free. That marks a change from the first season, which granted you enough.

You can grab Call of Duty Mobile from Google Play right now to check otu the brand new features and rewards in season two of the Battle Pass.

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