Candy Box Studio to bring their Street Wrestling game to Android

Candy Box Studio is currently developing a game called Street Wrestling for iOS which will be published through Chillingo. This particular game should appeal to those who dig the fighting/brawling games similar in style to Double Dragon from back in the day.

The good news is that, even though the video trailer Chillingo released about the game only states iOS as the platform it will be released on, taking a stroll over to Candy Box’s website confirms that it will actually be coming to Android as well at some point in the near future after the iOS release.

Graphics are all done in the more cartoon-like style with cell shading, the animation looks smooth and overall it looks like it will be a pretty fun game to play. You will play as one of three Mexican wrestlers (soon to be four), each with their own style of fighting and special moves as you take on a ton of enemies bent on defeating you. Unfortunately there is no exact date announced for release just yet so until then we just have the trailer above to enjoy.

Developer Website: Candy Box Studio

Website Referenced:

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