Candy Crush Saga developers King release Farm Heroes Saga onto Android

King, the developers of the ridiculously popular match-3 puzzle game Candy Crush Saga, have released a new match-3 puzzle game onto Android called Farm Heroes Saga. So is this new game just a re-skinning of Candy Crush Saga or is it something different?

Actually at its core it is just a re-skinned version of Candy Crush Saga but with a farm theme to it. However, if you’re a fan of the Candy Crush then you’ll be probably wanting to check out this new game from King. Instead of candy that you need to match three or more of, in Farm Heroes Saga you’ll be matching crops instead.

The game doesn’t differ really much at all from Candy Crush Saga. You’ll need to clear levels in a set amount of moves, buy boosts to help you out in actually pulling that off, and purchasing upgrades.

So basically if you want a re-branded version of Candy Crush Saga, you now have Farm Heroes Saga to play instead. Of course downloading the game off of Google Play will cost you nothing.

Google Play Link: Farm Heroes Saga

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