Can’t wait for Minecraft to come to Android? Check out MineDroid, the experiement of Minecraft on Android

While we all wait for Minecraft to officially be released onto Android and subsequently losing our sanity when it is released, we stumbled onto a neat little project going on right now. MineDroid is an experiment on how Minecraft could work using a touchscreen interface on Android devices and you can play with it as well.

Officially described as: “A viewer / concept design for Minecraft that supports using your own 1.3 beta levels” and while the author goes on to state that future updates will include “temporarily building and destroying blocks, sensor steering, crouch jump, ghost mode / fly mode, many blocks and more”, there are already some of these features implemented as of the last update.

The most recent update includes movement and tool usage so building seems the next logical step for whenever the next update lands although we are just assuming this. While the project lead going by the name of TheRealRyan, is stating that for the time being, this will not turn into a full game and is instead just an experiment. It is open source though and if you are a developer who wants to jump on board to help out, you are more than welcome to do so.

Should hell freeze over and Mojang decide that MineCraft isn’t suitable for Android/mobile, which will not happen but just in case, MineDroid can be use to make a port of Minecraft when it goes open source as well. You can download the .apk for MineDroid from Google Code and also you’ll want to check out the install instructions, especially if you are downloading the .apk to your PC.

If you are a bit paranoid about security, I would suggest downloading the .apk file to your PC first, scanning it and then downloading it with your Android phone. Only download this from the official Google Code page to avoid getting any bad copies from other sites.

Developer Website: MineDroid

Website Referenced: Minecraft Forums

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