Cargo! HD for Android – Just in case you don’t do enough work at your job

Like the title says, in case you don’t do enough work at your actual job or just feel the need to do more, Cargo! HD for Android is now available for your to download. Cargo! HD is a neat little Traffic Control type of game but without the traffic. Instead you have workers that you need to tell what to do and products to ship for profit.

If you weren’t addicted enough to Game Dev Story and at least the concept it presents, now you have another game which is pretty addicting and offers another interesting concept: Manage your workers, ship products fast, make money, or fail. All the controls are touchscreen and the graphics are nice 3D-ish pixel art.


  • Great 3D-ish pixel art graphics
  • Original music (sounds Irish to me)
  • 31 levels
  • 4 Game modes: Default, Normal, Weekend, Holidays
  • Built-in Achievements
  • Built-in Benchmarking tool. This is actually pretty neat itself as it floods your screen with sprites and tells you your FPS (Frames-per-second). On my N1 I had 1500 sprites and still got 12 FPS. Pretty good.
  • Duel with your friends
  • Only supports 480×800, 480×854 and Galaxy Tablet resolutions


Starting the game off is a bit of a challenge, the instructions are a bit weak on explaining what exactly you need to do. To help out, I’ll explain the basics. The conveyor belt will bring crates of products to your workers. Drag a crate to an available warehouse and it will unload. After it unloads you will see a picture of the product that needs to fill it and the number of them needed. Using the workers, you move the needed product from other warehouses to the one with the crate showing the matching symbol. Once you have enough (you can certainly put more in the warehouse), you drag the product from the warehouse to the crate which gets loaded, sealed up and shipped. This makes you money.

Each stage has a rating of up to three stars you can earn and also a time limits for each product before it becomes worthless. There is also a time limit for the entire stage and you have to reach the amount of profit for each stage to pass.

You can pick up this addictive little gem of a game off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: GyLgames

Direct Market Link: Cargo! HD

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRCargoHD.png{/rokbox}

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