Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth is a 2D runner based on the Japanese animation series

Case Closed Runner

Detective Conan, the hit Japanese animation series, is making its way to the smaller screen this year with the brand new 2D runner Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth.

You’ll play as Conan and his friends as they run, jump, and avoid a variety of obstacles while chasing down suspects.

Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth features exclusive illustrations

Gameplay is pretty simple, with you just tapping the screen to jump where appropriate. You’ll do just that to collect points and avoid nasty stuff.

Fans of the animation will be pleased to learn that this runner also features story scenarios from the anime itself, along with brand new illustrations that are exclusive to the game.

If you’d like to learn more, you can check out the official site right now, which features more information. Case Closed Runner: Race to the Truth launches this year on Android and you can pre-register right now.

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