Castle Master is a Mash Up of Angry Birds, Tetris, and Kingdom Rush

A king sat on his throne while his subjects dance in Castle Master.

I love spotting an intriguing new indie game to share with our Android-loving audience, and Castle Master fulfils that criteria. It has so many influences, and it wears them all on its sleeve.

It’s a tower defence that doesn’t work like any you have played before. You have to build your own castle out of Tetris-like blocks, which literally fall from the sky.

How Does Castle Master Work?

Your goal is to block invaders from reaching your poor citizens, or, most importantly, the king in the castle. Fortunately, you can battle them back though.

That’s where your defences come in. You can place defensive units like archers, chuck boulders at your enemies, or place traps.

Enemies arrive in a variety of forms from ground troops, to dragons, and even towers-on-wheels. So placing defensive units carefully is a big part of the battle.

You Mentioned Angry Birds?

The Angry Birds-inspiration primarily comes in form of the visuals, which are beautifully comic. There’s also something very Angry Birds about the castles themselves, which are very ramshackle and made out of blocks.

As you progress, you earn currency that you can spend on kingdom upgrades. You can even host a party in your hall, and kick back on your throne while the local residents boogie on down.

That’s dependent on you defending your castle successfully, though. You won’t have a kingdom for much longer if you let all of your citizens die a violent death.

How do I Get Castle Master?

If you would like to check out Castle Master, head on over to Google Play. If you’re a fan of tower defence games, puzzlers, or just like the cutesy art style, it’s well worth a look.

Not that interested? Well, check out our best new Android games this week list. We update this weekly with brand new games to help you find something fun to play.

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