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Hamster Bag Factory Makers Drops Cat In Donuts: Sweet Shop, A New Tycoon Game

Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop

Cats love donuts. Yes, they do. And you’ll find them running a donut bakery in Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop, a new tycoon title on Android. The game’s expected to drop in September though, but it’s up for pre-registration on the Play Store.

In Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop, you’re in for a treat as you take on the role of a sweets shop tycoon with some furry feline friends at your side. If you want to pre-register for the game, head to the Google Play Store to be among the first to start building your donut shop.

It’s A Sweet, Sweet Shop!

Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop has lots of cute cats working the counters to run the shop efficiently.  They’re also always keen to chomp on the newest sugary delights. A crew of chunky cats ready to lend a paw and a bevy of patrons eager to part with their cash for your treats. So, what else do you need?

Speed and savvy are your best friends in this time management adventure, where stacking donuts sky-high is just part of the daily grind. Keep an eye out for those special customers too! You never know when you’ll run into a well-dressed feline who’s literally on fire with demands.

By the way, the game is developed by Naddic Games, a Korean game studio that’s known for other cute tycoon games. Remember when you made those hamsters toil away in the Hamster Bag Factory? Well, Cat in Donuts: Sweet Shop is similar to it, except that it’s cats and confectioneries this time! Some of the other tycoon games by the game studio are Hamster Cake Factory, Bear Bakery – Cooking Tycoon and Hamster Cookie Factory.

So, that wraps up our scoop on this tycoon game with cats. Meanwhile, check out this epic event that’s going down! Iron Man and Loki Invite You to Celebrate Marvel Future Fight’s 9th Anniversary.

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