Celebi is coming to Pokémon GO soon

Celebi Pokémon GO Android

Pokémon GO is celebrating its second anniversary, but we have yet another reason to celebrate. Niantic just announced that the legendary Pokémon Celebi is coming very soon.

It will enter the game in the same manner as Mew did earlier this year: via a special research quest. These are ongoing quests that require you to perform a wide variety of actions in the game.

Celebi will be available via a special research quest in Pokémon GO

While it takes a while to actually unlock Mew, it is good encouragement to check out features you might usually ignore. You know, like battling in gyms or bothering to leave the house for a raid.

Right now, we don’t know when Celebi will make its grand entrance. It’s also unclear whether the Mew quest will end, and Celebi will replace it. Perhaps it might even be a separate special research task.

Time will tell, we guess? Go and grab Pokémon GO from Google Play in anticipation.

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