Celebrate the upcoming holiday Platypus Day with new levels in Where’s My Perry?

While I will admit I really wasn’t aware that Platypus Day was actually a thing that exists on March 2nd but apparently Disney knew this little known fact and are planning to celebrate the holiday of the Platypuses by releasing an update for their Where’s My Perry? game on Google Play.

The update, which is live right now, brings with it a total of 40 new levels to make your way through, making this one of the bigger updates the game has received in terms of content. Like always the new levels are split between the two main characters of the game, with Agent P getting 20 new levels and Dr. Doofenshmirtz getting the remaining 20 new levels.

There is also a new gameplay mechanic introduced to the game with this update: Matter Rays. Lastly the entire update is themed around this special occasion and to round it all off, locksmith packs will be on sale for 50% off until March 4th. For those of you who play this game, you can grab the update off of the Google Play store any time.

Google Play Link: Where’s My Perry?

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