Dragon Shooter, Century: Age of Ashes, Now Available on Android

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Century: Age of Ashes is out now on Android devices. The free-to-play multiplayer game is filled to the brim with action and is perfect for fans of the fantasy genre. Plus, if you like dragons, you’ll definitely enjoy this title.

For more information about Century: Age of Ashes, you can visit the game’s official website. If we’ve piqued your interest in the game, you can download it on Google Play now!

Is There Cross-Progression and Cross-Play?

You may already be familiar with the game, as it’s been on PC for quite some time. However, after a long time coming, it finally has a mobile version. Sadly, it seems like cross-progression is not available, so veteran players will need to start from scratch. Furthermore, cross-play is also not included.

What is Century: Age of Ashes?

The main premise of the game is to take part in explosive arena battles. With a combination of PvE and PvP, there’s something for everyone. Competing with fellow players is a brilliant way to put your skills to the test. Take to the skies and soar through gorgeous landscapes as you breathe fire, launch attacks, and utilise your magical powers against your foes.

To prepare for action-packed combat, you’ll need to upgrade your dragon’s stats and abilities. Every class comes with its own type of dragon, allowing you to adapt the game to your preferred play style. 

  • Windguard – Shield and disorientating
  • Phantom – Stealth and trapping
  • Thornweaver – Vines
  • Stormraiser – Rush and thunder attacks
  • Marauder – Strong and able to track enemies

Are There Micro-Transactions?

Additionally, Century: Age of Ashes provides you with a wide range of cosmetic items for your dragon and character. You can unlock new skins by gaining experience through battle, or you can purchase them in the in-game shop. 

While micro-transactions can be a taboo topic in video games, Playwing LTD has stated that all shop-bought items are purely cosmetic and will have no effect on your stats.

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