League of Angels: Pact Is Coming To Mobile And Has Been Recommended By Google Play.

League of Angels: Pact, the popular browser-based MMORPG from Game Hollywood, is on its way to mobile and we have noticed it has been recommended by Google Play.

As per the tradition among hotly anticipated mobile games, there’s a pre-registration campaign underway, and the rewards are amazing. 

If you head to both the Google Play Store and Game Hollywood Games and sign up right now you’ll get not one but two special gift packs. 

Plus, Game Hollywood has thrown in a mysterious new Angel to sweeten the deal. 

Even without all these goodies, League of Angels: Pact is a hot prospect for MMORPG fans, with stunning visuals, deep RPG gameplay, and rich fantasy setting. 

Gameplay-wise, League of Angels: Pact sees you summoning a cast of Angels and unleashing their unique powers and abilities in boss fights, raids, and PvP battles. 

These player-versus-player encounters are ranked, allowing you to aim for leaderboard domination while you rake in a huge variety of rewards. 

There’s a ton of equipment, weapons, and outfits to collect in League of Angels: Pact, and everything – including your Angels – can be upgraded and combined in countless ways.

It looks great, too, with superb character art and a dazzlingly flamboyant fantasy aesthetic. It’s little wonder that League of Angels: Pact has earned a coveted official recommendation from Google Play. 

You’ll have a blast. And you’ll have even more of a blast if you pre-register. 

But remember: you need to sign up on both the Google Play Store and Game Hollywood Games to claim the full bounty and get a head start on your hapless rivals. 

Pre-registering on Google Play will earn you a Diamond Chest, 100 Legendary Shards, 10 Normal Summon Orbs, and 1000 Angel Essence

Signing up on Game Hollywood Games, meanwhile, will let you claim 50 Legendary Shards, a Rare Hero Gallery, and 4H EXP Rewards. 

Not a bad return on 30 seconds of your time. 

Head to the Google Play Store and Game Hollywood Games to get started.

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