Check Out the Latest Teaser Trailer for Rhythm-Action Sequel Deemo II

A second teaser trailer has been released for Deemo II, the anticipated sequel to Rayark’s acclaimed story-driven rhythm-action game.

The trailer contains a lot of charming anime story stuff and a little bit of gameplay. The star of the game is a boy in a long coat running through a station, while various blobby monsters loiter in the background.

Details are pretty thin on the ground. Even the Google Play Store description isn’t much help. Here it is in full:

“When music plays, the sun shall stay.”

A girl with flowers growing on her head and an incredible white being with a human form── Deemo. As a melody issues forth from the center of the train station, the rain gradually stops, and the sky clears up once again.

In the endless pouring rain, the two of them search the fantasy kingdom for a hope that will save the world.


Developed by Jengen, the studio behind the acclaimed Deemo Reborn, Deemo II will be out at some unknown point. You can pre-register for it right here.

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