Check Out the Latest Trailer for Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower on Android

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower has received another trailer ahead of its official release on September the 3rd. 

Announced in February, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower is a tactical turn-based strategy game from Perchang. It’s based on the ‘90s boardgame of the same name, and it takes place in the Age of Sigmar – a canonical which will be familiar to Warhammer aficionados. 

The Silver Tower of the title is the lair of the Gaunt Summoner. Apparently. 

The latest trailer showcases an entire level from beginning to end, accompanied by narration explaining how the game works. It’s well worth a watch, then, if you plan to hit the ground running when Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower goes live. 

That’s going to happen in a couple of weeks. For now, you can pass the time by visiting the game’s Google Play Store page and pre-registering. 

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