The Stoner Duo Is Back! Build A Stoner’s Paradise In Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom

Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom

Cheech & Chong are back! Well, virtually. East Side Games Group (ESGG) has just dropped a new game with the famous comedy duo in the spotlight. Titled ‘Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom,’ this one lets you play with the iconic comedians once again! ESGG already nailed it with their first Cheech & Chong game, Bud Farm. It racked up over 3 million downloads.

Now, they’re aiming for another hit with Kush Kingdom. ESGG has a knack for turning popular TV series, pop culture events and movies into hilarious, fun and creative games. Heard of Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money, RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar, The Office: Somehow We Manage, Snoop Dogg’s Rap Empire! and Doctor Who: Lost in Time? Well, all of these are part of ESGG’s creative lineup.

What Is Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom About?

Let me give you some context first. You might not know but Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding Company is a cannabis lifestyle brand. They’re all about bringing people together and promoting wellness. So, as the name suggests Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom is about getting kush after making matches.

To lay it out in simpler words, it’s a match-3 puzzle. You match a bunch of tiles, solve puzzles and grow the best grass. This will unlock a variety of levels and let you help the dynamic duo build and decorate a stoner paradise. There are thousands of levels to keep you hooked.

Cheech & Chong’s Kush Kingdom has cool features like the DISPENSORIATM, which is modelled after Cheech and Chong’s Global Holding’s real-world dispensaries. Just as the foundation of the company is filled with laughs, so too is the game. It also lets you unlock some sweet boosters inspired by the comedy duo themselves. I can’t guarantee a van full of (or made of, in that case) weed, but you can definitely expect coins, treasures and more!

So, go ahead and grab this free-to-play game from the Google Play Store. Meanwhile, take a look at our other news. Warbits Gets A Makeover As Warbits+ With Cross-Platform Play And Then Some!

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