Chess – Battle of the Elements by Polarbit coming to Android soon. We choose Fire.

There really isn’t too many ways to make the game of Chess easy on the eyes and more enjoyable to play but Polarbit seems to have found a promising solution in their new game called Chess – Battle of the Elements. Partnering with Pinyl Studio, Polarbit brings the game of Chess with an elemental twist and a 1000 puzzles.

In Chess – Battle of the Elements, you can select which element you want to play as and the game’s graphics will change to reflect your choices. The change happens to all areas of the game including the menus and boards. In the trailer, the Water/Fire board looks seriously fantastic. Along with the adjustable AI, you’ll be able to play online against other people as well with the hot-seat multiplayer game mode.

You’ll also be able to save your games, regardless of it being single or multiplayer, and can be resumed at any time. Chess – Battle of the Elements will also let you watch the replays of finished games should you want to study your previous games, move by move. Everything is wrapped up nicely in some great 3D graphics which really seems to suit this game.

Currently Chess – Battle of the Elements was just released onto iOS and will be coming to the Android Market very soon. Pricing will probably follow the iOS version’s price of $2.99.

Developer Website: Polarbit | Pinyl Studio

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