Chimera Entertainment and Deep Silver FISHLABS team up to develop a new AAA mobile game

There seems to be a lot of partnership going on over the past couple of months between game developers, all of which is to work on big new mobile games. Today a new partnership has been announced between Chimera Entertainment and Deep Silver FISHLABS where the two companies will work together on a brand new AAA mobile game.

Unfortunately neither company is revealing anything about this upcoming game besides the fact that it will be a Triple-A quality title and that it will be geared towards the mid- to hardcore mobile gamers. With that said, we can take a few educated guesses as to what genre this game will be, since there’s only a few genres that fit that range of gamer. So we figure this game will be either an RPG, possibly in the MMO category, a multiplayer RTS or turn-based strategy game, or possibly a MOBA. That’s our guess with what is currently trending right now for mid- to hardcore gamer focused titles.

Chimera Entertainment have been around for almost a decade now. And during their time in the industry they have proved their creativity and keen eye for captivating game concepts over and over again. We could not think of a better partner for this project and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation with one of the strongest developers of Germany’ flourishing game development scene. – Andreas Stecher, Director of Business Development and Sales at Deep Silver FISHLABS

Deep Silver FISHLABS is known for their Galaxy on Fire series of mobile games, all of which are pretty solid titles. Chimera Entertainment are responsible for Angry Birds Epic and John Woo’s Blood Stroke. So whatever this game is, it should be pretty good. We’ve contacted both companies to try and get additional information on this game, but we aren’t holding our breath on finding out anything since both companies plan to reveal the game’s title and genre in the near future. This game is currently slated for release in 2016.

Developer Website: Deep Silver FISHLABS | Chimera Entertainment

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