Chocobo-A-Go-Go in the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier’s Egg Hunter Event

The latest event in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier has kicked off. It’s called the Egg Hunter event, and it’s all about hunting eggs. And getting special Chocobos. And dressing up as a Cactuar. Cool.

The event runs until April 26th and gives you a chance to unlock and discover loads of special gear. It’s all brightly colored and frankly ridiculous, but that might be the kind of thing you’re into.

You can find special hidden items just by riding around on a Chocobo, there’s a special item shop that offers unique treats and a log-in bonus that you’ll get for just loading up the game. Here’s a trailer.

You’ll also get increased space to store your Chocobos, and there are new outfits to grab in Shinra packs. One of which lets you dress like a Cactuar. There’s a new Cactuar materia that lets you turn into one of the spiky critters too.

You can find a full breakdown of everything included in the Egg Hunters event at the official Final Fantasy VII: The First soldier website by smashing a click right here.

And if any of it is enough to make you decide to give the game a try, you can click here to download Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier from the Play Store. It’s free with IAP.

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