Chronicle of Infinity Open Beta Kicks Off This Week

Chronicle of Infinity has been kicking around on our list of the best games you can pre-register for for a while now. And now it’s about to move into the next phase of its launch program – an open beta.

When does that open beta start? Why, it starts on April 7th. Which we reckon is Thursday. So that’s not very long to have to wait to get your hands on the game. Not very long at all.

The game is a mix of different ARPG ideas. There’s dungeons to crawl, enemies to hack and slash, and a massive PvP component that plays out like a battle royale. TRAILER TIME.

Inevitably there are loads of goodies that you can grab if you decide to pre-register before the open beta launches. You can find out about all of those at the game’s official website by clicking here.

And for those of you who just like to pre-register without even knowing the gewgaws and shiny plink plonks you’re getting for doing it, you can pre-register for Chronicle of Infinity on the Play Store by clicking here.

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