ChronoSpin is a new playable Android Wear arcade game

Android Wear has a few games here and there, and Matthew Burton has made a few of them. His newest game is ChronoSpin and is more of an arcade game for your Android watch based off of the developer’s other Android Wear game PipSpin.

This is actually a functioning analog watch face up until you swipe it, at which point it turns into the arcade game. You’ll be dodging incoming balls with your little lever for as long as you can until you complete the stage. If you lose, it will turn back into the watch face until you start it up again. If you win, you’ll level up. Swiping downwards changes the color of your watch face, while swiping upwards will start the game.

ChronoSpin Features:

● Fast Puzzle Action
● Faster Game Loops
● Your brain will hurt in the best way possible
● Swipe down to change colors
● Swipe up to play
● Tap and hold to switch directions

If you like playing little games on your Android Wear watch while you’re out and about, you’ll probably want to check this one out. ChronoSpin is available off of Google Play for free. You can check it out in action with the trailer below.

Google Play: ChronoSpin

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