Cicret wants to be the next advancement in wearable technology, putting Android right onto your skin

A few days ago we stumbled onto Cicret which, at first, we thought was just another wearable piece of technology like the Smart Watches we currently have on market. That was until we realized that this little wristband is a whole lot more than a watch with some limited, but cool, functionality. Cicret basically puts a fully functional version of Android right on your skin for your to use just as though it was a touchscreen on a tablet or phone.

What Cicret basically does is project the Android OS onto your skin through the wristband. It also has sensors which tracks when you tap on your skin to perform an action, just like a touchscreen. The wristband has a Pico Projector in it for displaying Android onto your forearm and it is fully interactive. A series of sensors are also projected onto your skin over top of the UI which will track when you make a motion to perform an action like opening an application or deciding to play a game. The sensors go down about 8″, essentially making this a tablet on your arm.

This seems like a much better option for people who would rather have a fully functioning version of Android to wear instead of having a Smart Watch that offers up limited functionality. Of course this is all based on personal taste. The Cicret is currently in a prototype stage and the company isn’t doing any sort of crowdfunding on sites like Kickstarter or IndieGoGo which is actually impressive to see these days since everyone tends to do that. The company is accepting donations if you want to help out.

Cicret is currently still under development and there is no exact release date as to when this handy little bracelet will hit store shelves. However when those details are released, hopefully when the developers contact us back, we will be sure to post an update. Until then you can check out the official Facebook page and website for any additional details you may want to read up on.

Official Websites: Cicret Facebook | Cicret Website

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