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City Defense, developer by RedRabbit Interactive, is another new tower defense game available for your Android device. This particular tower defense game is placed in a medievil city setting with the enemies you have to destroy having different paths to take. As with all Tower Defense style games you have a variety of towers at your disposal to defend your lands with.

The graphics of City Defense are a more 2D cartoon-ish style and suits the game very well. The controls are a bit different then most tower defense games though. You have a little icon in the bottom left with an “!” in it, pressing that will bring up a menu with different options including Pause/Play, Menu, Build and more. Selecting build brings up the list of towers you can construct.

Interestingly enough in City Defense you can actually build while the game is paused which is unusual for a tower defense game. This will certainly make it easier for people new to this style of game however, this might be a turn off for the more hardcore players. For those hardcore players though you are in luck! You can also build without the game pausing by tapping where you want to build and then selecting your tower to construct.


  • 2 Game modes: Campaign and Quick game
  • 18 Maps
  • 5 Different Towers, each with 4 upgrades
  • 5 Different enemies
  • Multiple paths enemies can take
  • Random enemy generation in Quick game mode


With the Quick game mode having random enemy generation your game will always be slightly different so you will have to adjust each time you play the same map more then once. This adds to it having a good amount of replay value as with most Tower Defense games.

While City Defense isn’t up to the level of the more popular Tower Defense games such as Robo Defense or Tower Gold, it is a good middle ground for anyone wanting to get into this genre of games or for the experienced player who wants something a little less demanding in a Tower Defense game. You can try out the Lite version for free (ad supported) or grab the full version of City Defense for $1.99USD to have everything unlocked.

Developer Website: RedRabbit Interactive

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