CKS Studio has released Hyper Rift onto Google Play

Hyper Rift is a new “game” that has been released on Android in the last few days. It’s an interactive story, think “Choose your own adventure”, so players have some say in how the story progresses. And in the fashion of those classic books, there are over a dozen different endings.

What I like about this game is that it isn’t JUST a book, but there is also an interactive map as well, enabling users to visualize and interact with, some of the content. For example, if there are multiple places that the user can go to (and must choose one), arrows show up on the map for users to pick one, by tapping on the arrow of their choosing. Once a choice is made, users will see the area highlighted (by everything else briefly becoming a shade darker), and hear footsteps. Other choices are selected in the text itself.

Here’s the highlights from the Dev:

– It’s the first Interactive English gamebook from Asia.
– A novel format that provides navigation map, modern GUI and rich sound effects while staying true to the essence of a gamebook.
– Contain elements that are not possible in a printed gamebook, such as turn-time events and interactive mini games.
– Considerable research on astrophysics and biology to provide a believable backdrop for the story.
– 14 unpredictable endings: good deeds, successful solutions don’t necessarily lead to cheerful endings.
– Many subtle references to the movies and novels that inspire the game.

According to the press release, the Dev claims inspiration from things like “Event Horizon, Sunshine and Solaris, as well as traditional text adventures like Zork”. Hyper Rift is available now for free, with no IAPs. There is a banner ad across the bottom though.

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