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Clash of Beasts, Ubisoft’s Titanic Strategy Game, Is Available Now on Mobile

Clash of Beasts, from Ubisoft’s Abu Dhabi studio, has now landed on iOS and Android following its latest closed beta. You can join players all over the world right now and command a mighty army of fantastic beasts and destroy all who stand in your way. 

A strategy game with a tower defense component, you attack strongholds with gigantic 3D beasts half the time – and defend your own stronghold with an array of towers the other half. 

This is set against the backdrop of a massively dramatic plot where you play as a mercenary with the fabled Beastmaster’s Spark – a magical ability that lets you command titanic beasts in battle. Your mother, Lara Moldern, is a mercenary too, and you travel to the New World to join her and continue your training. 

When your settlements are raided while you’re away, tragedy strikes – your mother is captured and used as a blood sacrifice by Gideon Morvus. Now you have a thirst for revenge, motivated to create a force to crush Morvus and halt his plans to take control of the ancient being Shivara.

To achieve this aim you summon beasts with Soulstones, train them up, take them into battle, and claim rewards – then spend these on summoning new beasts and upgrading the ones you’ve already got. 

The titans are enormous, and come in all manner of forms. There are dragons, wyverns, giants, hydras, centaurs, golems, and more, drawing on a diverse range of world mythologies. 

There are 65 titans too, belonging to four different classes and five affinities. Each one has its own unique spells and attacks, with several factors to consider when drawing up your battle plans to lay down havoc on your enemies.

An in-depth tower defense component is also included, which involves placing 12 different types of towers at strategic points to fend off attackers. As well as having a variety of effects, these towers also have elemental affinities. You can even team up with friends to make sure you have the strongest defences possible when warding off opponents.

Success relies on compiling the right army of beasts, and there are even seasonal beasts to capture – the combinations and range of strategies you can employ are seemingly endless.

Get started by downloading Clash of Beasts for free on Google Play and the App Store.

By downloading Clash of Beasts before the 24th of January 2022 you’ll get an exclusive avatar and 150 soul shards for free as well.

For more about the lore of the game, you can also head on over to the Clash of Beasts official site and its Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch pages.

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