Classic Board Game Clue has Arrived on Android

The murder-mystery board game classic pitting players against each other to solve the case of who murdered Mr. Boddy in the grand Tudor Mansion has come to Android devices.

Marmalade Game Studio’s have updated the graphical imagery from the Parker Brothers original to appear more like the newer Hasbro versions, but the game itself remains primarily unchanged- as would-be detectives, players must deduce who committed the heinous crime.

Players will need to pinpoint who killed the victim, where the murder happened, and what weapon was used.  Instead of dice and paper, we get virtual replacements allowing us to navigate the mansion asking questions, collecting evidence, and eliminating red-herrings through logic. Was it Professor Plum in the Conservatory with the candlestick?  We’ll just have to put our detective skills to the test to find out.

While it currently does not have online multiplayer, the developers promise that it is coming soon.  I’m also hoping they’ll release an expansion update with the extra characters, weapons, and rooms from Clue Master Detective at some point as well.

Clue is $3.99 on Google Play

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