Classic game Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster now available for Nvidia’s Shield

Originally released in 1987 Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster was a pretty popular game, even founding a webcomic that has been out almost since its release. Even though this is a classic game, it is now being re-released by Namco Bandai for Nvidia Shield owners today.

In this game you’ll take control of Momoko, a schoolgirl turned power suit hero, you fight to save the world from the evil forces of the Waru. You’ll be traveling to different locations, fighting off the Waru, saving your friends and loved ones, and eventually the world.

This is a side-scrolling action brawler type of game that was really popular back in the day. It is sort of a lot art now though with the types of games getting released on any platform. You can play as the schoolgirl until you need to transform into the power suit hero. Collect enough energy and you an unleash her wonder hoop attack as well.

While the game was developer and tested only for the Nvidia Shield, it should be available for any Tegra 4 devices. There is, however, no garuantee that it will work on anything except the Nvidia Shield. Definitely keep that in mind before purchasing this game as it will cost you $14.99. You can read the webcomic here if you’re interested.

Tegra Zone: Wonder Momo: Typhoon Booster

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